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Sugardough Bakery Cafe is the fastest growing bakery franchise in Pune. But this has not happened overnight. Behind it all is the blood, sweat, vision, creativity and determination of one man, Praveen Rao. From his early days, he was intrigued by the luxurious hospitality industry, and had made up his mind to become an entrepreneur in this field. Mr. Rao’s passion took him across many developed and developing countries where he learned about baking and the food industry. He worked with some of the biggest names in the food industry in various capacities, learning about the intricacies of the industry. He perfected the art of baking at famed places like Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France, The Broadmoor Hotel, USA (5 star & 5 diamond hotel), David Powell Baker (now Rich Foods) Fareham, England, and Baker’s Delight, Sydney, Australia. The main motive was to someday start his own business. Now wise in the ways of the international food industry, he was ready to take the plunge.

Back in Pune, India, he began establishing the ‘Sugardough’ brand. The highlight of a Sugardough Bakery Cafe is that all the dishes on the menu are prepared in a gourmet style. This is what set Sugardough Bakery Cafe apart from other cake shops in Pune. Sugardough Bakery Cafe combines the best elements of a bakery and cafe, serving fresh, hot food, beverages and baked goods. Sugardough’s gourmet perfection has won it esteemed clients like Nature’s Basket, Lemontree Hotel, Infosys, Barclays, Easyday and Walmart.

Today, Rao has grown the Sugardough brand across all Maharashtra, and is ready to take the business nation-wide. There are 9 franchise branches in Pune’s prime locations, and 2 franchises outside of Pune, and the number is growing. At this rate, you’ll soon be able to find a Sugardough Bakery Cafe branch in your city.