Celebrations are incomplete without a cake befitting the occasion. Sugardough Bakery Cafe brings to you an extensive range of cakes that will add sweetness to your celebrations. Tropical fruits, decadent flavours or vibrant tastes, whatever your whim, fancy and craving be, we have a cake for you. We believe a person first eats with the eyes. Our custom cake designs ensure that the moment you lay eyes on them, your taste buds are ignited. From the silky smooth cream at the top, to the soft, spongy cake at bottom, the whole product is a journey of gourmet perfection. They are all works of art we are proud of. Our each creation is designed to impress the eyes, and satisfy the palate. They will leave you wanting more. Don’t wait up, liven up the party, order from the best cake shop in Pune, and celebrate the way celebrations are supposed to happen - with cake!

Fresh Cakes


Black Forest 280/-
Coco Chip 280/-
White Forest 280/-
Chocolate Mint 280/-
Dutch truffle 280/-
Chocolate Walnut 280/-
Chocolate Indulgence 280/-
Chocolate Praline 280/-
Chocolate Lady 280/-


Pineapple 280/-
Strawberry 280/-
Mango 280/-
Kiwi 280/-
Fresh Mixed fruit 300/-
Dark Cherry Cream 300/-
Blueberry Cream 280/-
Passion Fruit Cream 300/-
Black Currant Cream 280/-
Banana Cream 280/-


Irish Coffee 280/-
Mochachillo 280/-
Zuccoto 280/-
Coffee Walnut 280/-


Caramel 280/-
Butterscotch 280/-
Vanilla 280/-

Desserts & gateaux

Tiramisu Cake
Mascarpone cream cheese with biscuit cuillier in gourmet coffee marinade.
Florida Cake
Melange of pineapple,mango,passion fruit,kiwi & orange.Burst of tropical and festive flavours.
Nawabi Cake (for the elite)
Malai based with pistachio,almonds,kesar & rose.
Galla De Chocolate
Lavish chocolate spread on every inch of the sponge.
Cherry Gateaux
Mix of cream patisserie and cherry jam
Caramel Chocolate Delight
Rich caramel sauce on dutch chocolate cream
Raspberry and chocolate cake
Rocher Gateaux
Chocolate cake with rich rocher / snikers / twix kitkat and biscuit fence or kit kat.
Rich Chocolate Mousse With Hazelnut Cake
Assorted Mousse Cakes
(Choose from fruit flavours like strawberry,blueberry,mango,passion fruit,kiwi,dark cherry,hazelnut,caramel)
After Dinner
Refreshing Mint and Chocolate Cake
Chilbouste Cream
English cream with Hazelnut

Kindly note: All Gateaux will need 1 day prior order or
choose from Gateaux of the day.