From a staple eaten for survival, to the star on your dinner plate, bread has come a long way. Today, every culture and cuisine has it’s own version of bread that is a household favourite. Sugardough Bakery Cafe brings these favourites to you. Our freshly baked, artisan, healthy breads have a crisp layer on the outside, soft, dense bread on the inside, and when you break a piece, you’ll hear that crunch. They are gourmet perfection. We’ve turned eating bread into an experience. For us, breadmaking is all about chemistry. There are various flavours hidden deep in the dough, and we love to explore these new flavours and bring the best ones to you in it’s most healthiest avatar. At Sugardough Bakery Cafe, we’ve handpicked the best breads from around the world, and have perfected them in our signature gourmet style. Peruse through our offerings of breads that cannot be found in any other bakery in Pune, and start your journey of being a bread connoisseur.

Fresh Breads

Brown Bread 400Gm 50/-
Multi Grain Slice 400Gm 50/-
White Slice 400Gm 50/-
Oatmeal Brown Slice 300Gm 50/-
Ajwain Brown Slice 300Gm 50/-
Pizza Base White 3Pcs 40/-
Pizza Base Brown 3Pcs 40/-
Hot Dog Roll 3Pcs 50/-
Burger Bun 3Pcs 50/-
Brown Bun 3Pcs 50/-
Maska Bun 20/-
Garlic Bread 200Gm 50/-
Galric Herbs Bread 200Gm 50/-
French Bread 200Gm 50/-
Garlic Cheese Stic 150Gm 50/-
Spinach Bread 450Gm 50/-
Grainex Bread 450Gm 50/-
Sourdough Bread 450Gm 50/-
Farmer Bread 350Gm 50/-
Ciabatta Bread 3Pcs Pkt 50/-
Whole Wheat Pita Bread 3Pcs 50/-
Pita Bread 3Pcs 50/-
Soya Okara Bread 450Gm 50/-
Lavash 50Gm 50/-
Multi Grain Bread Stick 200Gm 50/-
Begals Bread 3Pcs (Onion, Corriander, Mixed Herb, Sesame) 50/-
Herbs Focassia Bread 20/-
1Kg White Bread 120/-
1Kg Brown Bread 120/-
1Kg Multi Grain Bread 120/-
White Bread Sticks 50/-
Soft Roll - Dinner 4Pcs 50/-
White Submarine Roll 1Pc 20/-
Brown Submarine Roll 20/-
Farmer Submarine Roll 20/-
Multi Grain Submarine Roll 20/-
Panini Submarine Roll 20/-
Plain White Pav 40/-
Brown Pav 40/-
Garlic Pav 40/-
Multigrain Pav 40/-
Brioche Bread 200Gm 80/-